E-Waste Processing

E-Waste Trading in Bangladesh is the most important factor today because of it took already a dangerous position where the critics & E-Waste expert are very concerned for bad effect of environment. Only a simple & Smart E-Waste Trading in Bangladesh can solve this problem. Array Consortium has taken a bold & generation demanding decision to collect E-Waste from every corner of Bangladesh.

Now E-Waste Processing in Bangladesh is facing a big problem of proper dismantling process and maximum don’t know how to recycle the scrap by keeping the information secured. We Array Consortium very sincere about the data safety and security for our clients. You can keep a confident on us for building a green Bangladesh for next generation.

Why should we recycle? Here’s you can see the importance by reference:

  • The average person generates over 4 pounds of trash per day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste every year.
  • In 2009, Americans alone were able to produce enough trash to circle the Earth 24 times and discarded almost 9 million tons of glass. That could fill enough tractor trailers to stretch from NYC to LA (and back). Statistics also shows that Americans discards 25,000,000 plastic bottles per hour and over 87 percent of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off programs of paper recycling. If all Americans recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, we could save about 25 million trees in every year.
  •  In Nigeria and other developing nations like Ghana, Kenya, Brazil, India, etc with huge populations; the concept or recycling is still a mirage to them. In Nigeria, only Lagos state has taken the bold step to launch a waste-to-wealth initiative but the potential is still fresh and untapped.
  • Over 75 percent of waste is recyclable, but only 30 percent of it are being recycled presently. We generate 21.5 million tons of food waste in every year. If the food were composted, it would decrease the same amount of greenhouse gas equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road.

It’s time to manage our wastes and to make our environment fresh to live a green good life. Let’s manage your e-waste today, we are here 24/7 at your service to manage your electric wastes.